Are you holidaying in the UK this summer?

Have you booked your overseas holiday (or vacation if you are American!) to the UK this year and you have an on-going medication condition? If so, have you thought about what you would do if you need medication or need to see a GP / General Doctor while you are here?

This blog will give you details of the services we can offer you, if you find yourself in a position requiring medication or a doctor consultation while in the UK.

Our Services

At Kalmed Clinic and Dispensary we can provide various services to make you feel less stressed and able be to look forward to your forth coming holiday.  We provide the following services for our overseas patients in the UK:

Whichever of the above services you need while holidaying in the UK, we can provide them for you.

Online Dispensary

Our online dispensary service is simple to use and the medication can be delivered to anywhere in the UK next day by UPS delivery services. We provide transparent pricing on our website and the dispensary is Doctor led.  We provide a professional and high-quality service that is completely reliable and secure.

Overseas visitors requiring private prescription medication can make significant savings on medication (can order up to 3 months’ worth) using our transcribing service.  If you have a prescription from outwith the UK you will need it to be transcribed.

Online/Video Consultations

We can provide online/video GP consultations via Facetime or Skype for overseas visitors in the UK, for those that are based outwith central Scotland. By doing this we can save you having to find a local Doctor / GP where waiting times may be quite significant. We can then deliver your medication (if required) to your hotel or temporary holiday accommodation the next day for your convenience.

Hotel Visits in central Scotland

If you are staying in a hotel or other temporary accommodation in the Central belt of Scotland then our private Doctor / GP (Dr Lifson – more information on him by clicking here) can come to your location and provide a private and confidential consultation. Then further appropriate actions will be taken.  For example:

  • Referral to a private hospital consultant.
  • Medication be organised to be dispatched the next day.

Be Prepared

The best way to be prepared when you are visiting the UK on holiday is to keep a record of the following details to contact Kalmed Clinic & Dispensary if you require any of the above services:

Tel: +44 (01786) 406410


Clinic Website:

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