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IVF – Cutting through the unknown

Conception – nature or nurture? Most of us have heard of IVF and most parents are fortunate enough to conceive without intervention. Thankfully for the minority who do struggle to conceive naturally, there are a number of medical techniques available which can result...

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Changes to IVF Treatment in Scotland

The Scottish Government announced last month that they will now be funding 3 IVF cycles on the NHS for women under 40, instead of just 2 cycles.  Women aged between 40 and 42 will be offered one round of IVF if they fit certain criteria (more details below). What is...

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Online calculator predicts IVF baby chances

Couples can find out their chances of having a baby over multiple cycles of IVF treatment, using a new online calculator. University of Aberdeen researchers, who developed the tool, said it would help couples shape their expectations and plan their treatments. Full...

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